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    Our cloud architecture defines several KPIs, cloud competency and productivity metrics, precise estimates, and much more.

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    Our cloud computing helps in cutting down excessive costs as you pay only for the resources that you use.

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    You can directly access the data while it can be provided through the internet or applications on smartphones. So, you can work from anywhere now.

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Our Cloud Architecture Design Services

At Alpha Rages, we offer customized cloud architecture design services and make sure that you can get the best performance for your applications with improved accessibility. Our cloud computing allows your development teams to get the perfect infrastructure so they can create and implement functionalities on cloud environments that are enhanced and secure. We provide advanced and improved cloud tools that let your QA team to craft test environments so they can manage automated test runs successfully. Our cloud engineers are available 24/7 so to provide complete support, maintenance, and monitoring services to your internal teams and to make certain that your application is best in its shape. Why Choosing Alpha Rages as a Cloud Architecture Company? Picking the right cloud architecture company is challenging but what makes Alpha Rages distinguishable is the reliability, economical pricing, security, and optimized performance. Our appropriately designed CI/CD pipelines, well-organized and progressive services along with well-isolated environments convert technical stack into achievable business goals. When availing our services, you only need to pay for the specific resources i.e. there is no oversupply of power, storage space, or maintenance. You’ll pay as you go. Likewise, our infrastructure can adapt itself without changing the architecture design. This cloud architecture design allows turning up new servers when there is increased demand while it rationalizes when the demand reduces. At Alpha Rages, our infrastructure has a mechanism that helps in continue working perfectly even when some parts of the structure stop working. This is generally accomplished by inserting repetition into the architecture.

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    Design driven

    Our architecture can be augmented when you need more resources while it can be altered on demand to save operational expenditure. Server capacity can be rescaled without making any change in code while adding hardware/software units, hence working as a single group.

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    Top talent

    Our DevOps Engineers hold extensive experience in providing the best infrastructure and tools that can tailor your hosting needs and software development cycle at several stages. Our experts provide the right technology stack to your developers so they can create high-tech applications.

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    Testing process

    Our cloud experts assess your current infrastructure state and provide suggestions that best meet the customer’s requirements. Likewise, we evaluate your application landscape and define the best approach for cloud adoption.

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Martin Jones
We have worked with AlphaRages on multiple projects for our website developments. The company went beyond our expectations. Along with their technical deliveries, their consultancy has also helped us to see through some important aspect on how our website should look like and what should be the tech stack etc. The important things which I love about AlphaRages are their reliability and on-time support to all the issues we faced/were facing. Every guy at AlphaRages we have interacted with is super professional and trustworthy. IMO they are the best in industry with comparatively much less consultancy fee. Mr Naveed MD Al-Imran UAE
Martin Jones
Faisal, Adnan and all the team at Alpha Rages have been excellent to work with over the past 7 to 8 years. They are experts in their fields and they have extreme patience when dealing with complex problems. They always find a solution. It has been a pleasure working with Alpha Rages and see them progress and thrive in a difficult industry. We completed some very big projects together and I could recommend them highly enough. I wis Faisal and team continued success, happiness and health in the future. Ray Carolan MD Lakeland Kayaks Ltd,, Digital Eire Ltd & ZenDigital
Martin Jones
I have worked with Adnan and Faisal in AlphaRages on many projects and found the guys to be very reliable with a strong work ethic that gets projects done and within budget. Robert Ferguson Web Development Project Manager